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Providing a sense of place, Greg Cormier is a designer with vision… his eco -friendly designs encourages an interaction with nature… His Innovative neighbourhood development allows inhabitants to integrate with their natural surroundings… Low environmental impact… Re-vegetated shoreline, light pollution controls, reduced human footprint…

L’Acadie Nouvelle

This Beach House development, with its specialized architecture and it’s environmental sensitive aspects is capturing a great deal of attention and popularity with the local and tourist communities.

Three featured properties

Building New Brunswick, an Architectural History by John Lerou

Lap of Luxury with an ocean view

The Coastal Cottage Rentals has developed an impressive executive cottage retreat experience that is gaining reputation across the globe… Nestled in some of the most scenic coast line in Canada…the environmental and beach house designs provide a unique experience…

CBC Television

Amongst the changing coastline landscape, The Plage Acadie Beach project inspired hope in environmentally sensitive development… Mr. Cormier is to be credited with the initiatives implemented to protect and enhance the natural environment… “Radio Canada TV’s”, three day series report on waterfront development in South Eastern New Brunswick.

Destination Homes

Local Firm converts homes into choice vacation properties
Cormier’s vacation properties stand in stark contrast to most motel and hotel accommodations offering a distinct vacation or long term stay experience with cheerful living spaces purposely designed to connect natural elements and enhance the evolution of the day and night while embracing mature landscape views. Ambiance is an important factor in all their properties. Whether guest stay a week or six month, they feel relaxed and pampered by their surroundings… Many of their properties are themed such as “Rustic Retreat”, or “Urban cottage” . . .