Top 7 To-Do’s for a House Flood, Restoration or an Insurance Claim

Small Flood

1/4” to 2” of standing water, roof, foundation leaks, broken water pipe.

#1 From inside allow the water in and control, direct, remove it.
Seldom can water leaks be detained from the inside, such actions normally disperse the water creating a larger repair area.
Water dripping from a ceiling area? Poke a 3/8” hole in the drywall, (with a screw driver) this will relieve pressure then place a bucket to catch the water…

#2 With plumbing problems carefully (slowly) turn off a shut-off valve near to the source of leak (under sink/behind shower wall..) if required turn off the house main water shut off. Careful these valves can be corroded and idle for years, typically found in the basement near the street side of a house for city water and near the well side of the house for well supplied water.
Stop using toilets/sinks … until the source of leak if defined not to be a sewer pipe.

#3 From outside, attempt to divert water migrating to the area of entry re: water pooling under a eave- through down spout, poor landscape grading. If conditions are safe (“Not likely”) nail plastic bags in missing shingle areas…

#4 Call your Insurance provider ask them to have their repair service company call with advice specific to your needs until they can arrive. (Often many experience similar problems in storms and the service companies can be 1-3 days away).

#5 Take Pictures
Before you remove any water or make any repairs, fully document the damage for your insurer by taking photos or video. Digital versions are best.

#6 Protect Your Health
Some water can be contaminated by sewage or household chemicals. Waders and rubber gloves are recommended. Throw out any food that may have come into contact with flood waters. Dry-off everything as soon as possible (normally commercial fans/heaters are required and some drywall, flooring etc. may need to be removed).

#7 Temporary Housing
Often the best option for a proper clean- up & repairs.
Contact they can deal directly with your Insurance. Just bring your toothbrush and food because their 4-star homes are equipped with everything else.

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