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It’s a 4-star accommodation featuring your own private home. It includes the high-quality beds and linen found in most 5-star hotels plus every other option you would expect in an executive home rental such as full kitchen utensil, appliances, laundry facilities, free parking,  patio decks, BBQs, plus family & theater rooms, Air Tubs, Private Backyards and more…

Your Hotel Home can also provide you with professional Sheff and Cleaning services.


Looking for a method to express online their unique product and services, House Rentals Moncton coined the phrase “Hotel Homes”, to best represent what they offer.

Online searching “Hotels in Moncton” would not normally show this Hotel Home type product.

Google typically does not associate Hotels with homes. Although many clients who book a hotel in Moncton would be much better served in a Hotel Home, most people do not realize such a product exist.

Rating companies require an onsite restaurant in order to provide a 5-star designation.

Not if your renting for an extended stay or if your 3 people or more or if your renting more than one room.

Yes, there ideal for hosting family gatherings, suppers, visiting relatives, meeting business clients, temporary small office,  vacationing etc.

Typically, yes, it is 5 days or more, some exceptions may be made for large groups.

No, this is a professional accommodation, there are no personal belongings on site in the fridge or on the grounds, etc.

The hotel homes are professionally cleaned and maintained to a very high standard.

Simply call the owner Kim (506) 875-3996 & toll free 1-866-307-7070 for the best home suite to your needs!

Our Rental Accommodations


Rockwood St

Your own outstanding 5-bedroom, 2full bath house complete with a family theater room.